Let’s Sew Richmond!!!!!

Let’s Sew Richmond!!!!!


My name is Helen and I am dedicated to starting a collaborative and active sewing community here in Richmond where all are welcome (beginner to advanced), and we all inspire each other.

I love seeing what others are making, learning new techniques, finding new fabric sources, and trying new things! I believe a collaborative environment inspires people to step out of their comfort zone and that is when real creativity happens. Everyone, regardless of skill level, has something to contribute. Beginners are great (especially children) because they do not think within skill constraints, like I really love that dress but hate sewing pleats. Advanced sewers are priceless because they have the knowledge and skill we all need to make our ideas a reality. When working together there are no limits!

There are a ton of online sewing communities that I follow. There are so many amazing people doing the coolest things and thanks to Instagram, Pinterest, and others we can connect, but I always find myself longing to meet the person.  This is what prompted me to start Laughing Llama Studio. Richmond is a happening city with so many talented people. My goal is to provide a common spot and energetic atmosphere for makers to make!

Together We Can Make it…Awesome!

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